Horsemotel.netOver the past decade, we’ve traveled across the country several times with our horses in tow.  While the experience is always a fun adventure, the planning process often is not.  We’ve spent hours studying horse motel directories both in books and online, and these are wonderful resources when searching for horse motels by state.  However, unless you are pretty well-versed in the geography of each state and how specific towns line up with the interstates crossing them, it can be a daunting task to find motels at the appropriate intervals when crossing country. An interstate traveler can spend hours researching a cross-country route, calculating mileage between destinations through multiple pages of state maps, to make a ‘guestimate’ as to which horse motels will be the best choice after a long day’s driving.

Because of our experience traveling with horses, we decided that it would be best to create an online directory of horse motels and bed & breakfasts which will allow you to choose a route based on the U.S. Interstate System. Since listed horse layover facilities must be located near a major U.S. Interstate to qualify for inclusion in the Interstate Horse Motel Directory, you can be assured your chosen horse motel will be located within easy driving distance of the route you’re traveling — definitely a plus after a long day’s driving!

We’ve leveraged the power of Google Maps to assist you in your travel arrangements.  If you find a horse motel that does not offer accommodations for people, we offer a gateway to find local motels as well.

It is not our intent to make existing directories obsolete as they are wonderful resources when searching for horse motels by state (however, you can use the search box in the top bar to search by state — be sure to use the state abbreviation and it will bring up all pages that have references to that state).  We’d just like to make the process a little easier for those of us who plan our travel by interstate.  Our intent is to be the most comprehensive directory of Interstate equine layover facilities in the U.S.A. and an invaluable resource for your travels. It is our sincere hope that this online directory will give you peace of mind and ease of planning for your next trip with your horses.

Happy Trails!
Your Friends at HorseMotel.NET

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